How old do you have to be to go skydiving?

How old do you have to be to go skydiving? The minimum age to go skydiving is 16 years old. If you’re aged between 16 and 18, you’ll need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian. There is no maximum age to go skydiving.

The minimum age of a tandem skydiver is set by the British Parachute Association (BPA), who are the British National Governing Body for Sport Parachuting in the UK. The 16 years old minimum age restriction is part of their operational safety & training regulations. Like many other activities in the UK, the minimum age for skydiving is based upon the “mental or cognitive capacity to assess the amount of risk involved in carrying out a parachute descent” – Jeff Montgomery, Safety & Technical Officer, BPA.

Safety and managing risk are at the heart of everything we do at GoSkydive, and  like any extreme sport, tandem skydiving does have risks attached. At GoSkydive your safety is our number one priority and is put above everything else. We are fully regulated by the British Parachute Association (BPA) and we follow their guidelines. On site our Chief Instructor ensures the BPA guidelines are adhered to at all times.

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In addition we give all our jumpers industry leading pre-jump training in a simulated skydiving environment. We use the very best, industry leading parachute technology – the Sigma Tandem Parachute System, and have a core team of full time professional tandem skydive instructors who collectively have done in excess if 50,000 jumps.

how old do you have to be to skydive

During your tandem skydive, you (the novice) are strapped to a highly experienced, professional GoSkydive instructor. Following your your freefall (typically at around 125mph!), your instructor will release and control the parachute all the way to landing.

More information about risk is given on the student declaration form which you’ll need sign prior to tandem skydiving with us. You can view the form here.

If you would like more information about safety in skydiving please visit the ‘How Safe’ section of the BPA website –  British Parachute Association – How Safe

If you’re between 16 and 18 years old you’ll need to get a BPA Membership Agreement Form and BPA Medical Information and Declaration signed by a parent or legal guardian. Learn more about your tandem skydive experience on the day, and book your jump of a lifetime today!

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How much is skydiving in the UK?

How much is skydiving in the UK? The cost of a tandem skydive in the UK is ~£199 to £318. The price of a skydive is based on the height of your jump, safety & training, the customer experience and group discounts.

From the cost of specialist skydiving gear, state of the art pre-jump training, highly experienced and qualified instructors all the way to your touchdown to the ground, a skydive is something you shouldn’t cut corners on. Learn the 4 primary things you need to consider:

(1) Height of Jump: The higher you jump, the longer you get to experience the incredible feeling of freefall back to earth! Our 15,000ft jump (the highest altitude in the UK) gives you 60s of freefall, a 10,000ft jump an unforgettable 30s and our 7,000ft jump a 10s taster.

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(2) Safety & Training: At GoSkydive, safety is at the heart of everything we do, and we take all safety precautions very seriously. From the moment you step on site, your flight, jump and landing, safety is our top priority. For you, this includes specialist simulated tandem skydiving training to prepare you for your jump – something you won’t get elsewhere.

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(3) Customer Experience: The skydiving customer experience varies greatly from centre to centre. At GoSkydive your tandem skydive is so much more than just a jump, and we hold a Visit England Gold Award for Customer Excellence in the South West to prove it. Our fully qualified and experienced instructors and the wider team are there to make sure you have the best experience possible – but don’t just trust our word for it; check out our reviews!

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(4) Group Discounts: Create a team with your friends and save on your jumps! With group discounts you can save: 2-4 jumpers (save £10pp), 4-9 jumpers (save £20pp), 10+ jumpers (save £25pp).

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Find out which jump is best for you, and book yours today!

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GoSkydive welcomes first female tandem skydive instructor

Female tandem skydive instructors in the UK are rare and GoSkydive are one of the only tandem skydive centres in the UK to offer skydives with a female instructor. Holly qualified as a tandem skydive instructor with GoSkydive after completing the GoSkydive Apprenticeship Programme. Holly had to complete more than 1,300 jumps and 8 hours in freefall to master parachute handling, freefall and camera flying. Now in her second year at GoSkydive and after completing more than 2500 skydives she is one of the most popular instructors.

Holly joins about 11 other female tandem skydive instructors working in the UK, and GoSkydive’s team of 20 instructors, who between them complete up to 150 jumps a day.

Holly was first introduced to skydiving by a friend whilst studying for a degree in sociology. After completeing her degree she chose a career in skydiving working as a freefall photographer in other dropzones around the world including Miami. In 2014 Holly returned to the UK and enrolled in year 2 of the GoSkydive apprenticeship scheme to become a tandem instructor.

“It really is an honour to share the special experience of tandem skydiving with someone – especially when it is their first time, and often will be their only time doing one” said Holly. “It’s brilliant that I can call it my profession.” Holly qualified through the British Parachute Association approved GoSkydive Apprenticeship programme – the first of its kind in the world.The programme offers candidates the opportunity to train and qualify in the adrenaline-filled industry.

During the two-year programme apprentices can fully qualify as freefall video and still photographers. They’ll then go on to become fully qualified tandem skydive instructors.Gordon Blamire, the founder and managing director for GoSkydive, added: “Being a tandem skydive instructor is such a fulfilling job — you get to give people unforgettable memories while doing what you love on a daily basis. Holly will be a great asset to our team and we look forward to seeing her put her training and qualification into action with lots of Tandem Skydives this summer.”

To find out more about GoSkydive’s apprenticeship programme go to

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The Gift Of Human Flight – Diane Starr

Skydive Chicago has teamed up with The Free Fall Foundation to give away a FREE tandem skydive and FREE video package to individuals who want to skydive but simply can’t afford the cost of skydiving.

Diane Starr was nominated by her friend, David Schilling, because of her tireless work ethic.  She is a single mother who works multiple jobs to support her son.  She would never take the time or the money to spend on a skydive and that’s the exact reason she deserves this skydive.  David wanted Diane to feel the experience and freedom of skydiving and she got to do just that!

Skydive Chicago is partnering with The Free Fall Foundation in 2017 to help deliver the dream of skydiving to those in the Greater Chicagoland Area and surrounding communities for those who want to skydive but cannot muster the means to chase their dreams. Just like The Free Fall Foundation, Skydive Chicago believes everyone should feel the experience of skydiving. In fact, that is Skydive Chicago’s goal for all who walk through their doors and into their skies. The family and staff at Skydive Chicago live, work, and play in the world of skydiving because they believe in the freedom, family, and experiences that motivate them to push their boundaries to grow as skydivers and people as they return year after year to continue to give that gift to all who want to be a part of the experience.

If you know someone you think deserves the gift of human flight at Skydive Chicago, click here and nominate your friend or family member today!