Capture the event of a lifetime with DVD and digital still photography of your skydive! You only make one first skydive—capture the excitement! There are THREE media packages available:

Deluxe Video and Photos

Includes a DVD and digital still photos.  A professional skydiving cameraflyer will accompany you on your skydive wearing a specially designed helmet mounted with two digital cameras.  Your cameraflyer will obtain footage of your adventure in the airplane, in freefall and at landing, capturing your expression and reaction to the greatest thrill of a lifetime! Your cameraflyer will be dedicated to you for your entire skydive – and, you get the added experience of seeing them fly and maneuver around just a few feet in front of you! If you are considering AFF (Solo Freefall), video is an excellent learning tool and is highly recommended.  As a bonus with your DVD, we will upload 25-50 digital images that you may enjoy, download, and even share on social media.

Basic Video

Your tandem instructor will wear a special glove equipped with video camera equipped with a special lens to capture the up-close footage of you in freefall. You will be able to share your reactions and expressions of your greatest adventure with everyone! ONLY $59 or $39 when you purchase online!

We will mail your professionally edited 5 minute DVD to you.  Please notify us at the time of your reservation if you want to capture your skydiving forever on film.

Basic Photos

basic-photosYour instructor will wear the same equipment as the Basic Video above but will shoot photos rather than video. You will receive 20-50 high resolution images that you can share with your friends for ONLY $59 or $39 when you purchase online!

Share your first skydive with others, and relive it time after time!

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