Enter to win a Tandem VIP Package from Skydive San Diego

Winners will be chosen December 1st

Skydive San Diego Tandem VIP Giveaway

Ever wanted to skydive? Here is your chance to win a FREE Tandem Skydive, GoPro video and branded T-Shirt at the world’s premier drop zone, Skydive San Diego. You will be harnessed to a world-class instructor who will show you everything you need to know to feel good about making your first jump. You will board one of our specialized aircraft that will take you to 13,000 feet where you and your instructor will jump together, they will do all the work, all you have to do is have fun! It’s an experience of a lifetime, valued at $273.00.

How To Enter:

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Must Be 18+ Years Old
Winners Have One Month To Redeem Their Free Skydive From The Time They Are Notified.

Enter Today!

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Thank You for Making Skydivefree.com Such a Success

Tandem giveaway promotion ends after an incredible year

GOPR1472 (2)Over the past 11 months, Skydive San Diego gave away nearly a dozen free tandem jumps over at our sister site Skydivefree.com. Thanks to our supporters, regular customers and the word-of-mouth of skydiving enthusiasts everywhere, we were able to take a dive with first-time jumpers and seasoned veterans alike, and share the excitement of skydiving with all sorts of new friends, from all walks of life.

More importantly, through our monthly giveaway contests, we were able to connect with hundreds of new friends and fans, and connect them in turn with other fellow enthusiasts on all of our social networks. At Skydive San Diego, it’s our mission to introduce as many people as possible to the thrill of skydiving, and we were able to do that in spades through Skydivefree.com. 

And it’s all because of you!

GOPR7619-624x468Your tweets, your posts, your sharing the good news about each new giveaway made it possible for us to engage an even bigger community of skydiving fanatics — many of whom discovered a love for the sport that will last a lifetime.

We’ve ended our series of monthly tandem giveaway contests at Skydivefree.com, in order to move on and explore exciting new ways to express our passion for skydiving with even more people. But we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting, for entering, and for telling your friends and followers about Skydivefree.com — it’s because of you that the promotion was such an amazing success!

The post Thank You for Making Skydivefree.com Such a Success appeared first on Skydive San Diego.